SX Functional Def [WAS: Re: Gnucash 1.8 proposed schedule (and HBCI status)]

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
27 Sep 2002 12:29:34 -0400

Alex Barclay <> writes:

> I don't know about you but I have worked in the UK and now in the
> US. In both places the only payments that were ever fixed were loan
> repayments - mortgages and the like. In the UK my income taxes were
> table calculated and were in 0.25GBP increments and in the US I
> typically see up to a dollar difference in my social security and
> federal witholding.

Hmm, I used to see changes in my witholding four times a year:
1) at the beginning when a new tax-rate when into effect
2) after the company bonus
3) after yearly raises
4) after the FICA max is hit

Witholdings were pretty much the same month-to-month otherwise...

> How should we deal with this. Do we schedule a recurrent transaction
> that is "in the ballpark" then adjust it when the actual pay stub
> arrives.

That's what I would do, yes.


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