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Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
30 Sep 2002 18:35:00 -0400

This is indeed the main goal behind using guile as an extension
language for GnuCash..  The main hurdle right now is the lack of a
user-created startup file (ala .emacs) that gets loaded at system
startup.  Similarly lacking is a plug-in directory to all the system
to autoload new modules (ala a system-wide '.emacs' ;) I think once
both of those issues are resolved it will be MUCH easier for users to
write gnucash applets.

So, if there is some guile guru who can help me implement the "load
all .scm files in directory <foo>", I'd be happy to listen.


PS: The next step after solving the autoload hurdle is going to be
wrapping the rest of the C API in scheme.... ;)

Neil Jerram <neil@ossau.uklinux.net> writes:

> My suggestion would be to get involved with GnuCash, if that
> application area interests you, in particular facilitating the use of
> Guile as an extension language for GnuCash.
> GnuCash is already a tremendous application, but right now Guile is
> really only used by GnuCash as an implementation language.  I think it
> has the potential to become a flagship example of how users can extend
> Guile-based applications for their own purposes, but currently the
> hooks don't exist to allow this.  Or perhaps they do exist, but they
> aren't sufficiently convenient to use in practice.
> To repeat myself in another way :-) ...  If you follow the GnuCash
> mailing lists, you'll see people asking questions like `how can I do
> so-and-so to all transactions that such-and-such?'.  IMO, these
> questions should be answerable by someone writing and contributing a
> piece of Scheme code, just like Emacs Lisp libraries for Emacs.  But,
> for whatever reason, this kind of activity isn't happening yet --
> instead, all such requests are seen as problems for the core
> developers to take on board.
> I think that kickstarting this kind of activity would give a huge
> boost to both GnuCash and Guile in general.
> Best regards,
>         Neil
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