Something is still broken with the build process

Laurent Duperval lduperval at
Sat Apr 5 11:25:27 CST 2003

On  4 Apr, Derek Atkins wrote:
> WTF is "soft linking"?

Installing in a directory and creating softlinks from another. In my
case, I install everything in a directory and create a bunch of
softlinks from /usr/local/...

> And yes, it is wrong.  "gnucash" is not "every piece of software".
> I'm trying to tell you what you need to do with GnuCash.  It doesn't
> matter if lots of other stuff works differently, this is how GnuCash
> works.  Jumping up and down and ignoring the directions you are given
> because you think it should work differently is not the way to convince
> people it's broken.
> Basically, if you're not going to follow directions, then maybe you
> can go find someone else to hand-hold you.  I'm trying to help.  Don't
> ignore what I'm saying.

All right, I'll do that. My apologies, I didn't mean to offend you.

> As I said, I don't know what "soft-linking" is in terms of software
> installation.  Basically, gnucash needs to know where it's going to be
> installed when you configure it.  Period.  End of story.  You have to
> tell it during the configuration phase.  You cannot change it during
> the installation phase.
> If you want to install into a temporary directory, like how .deb or
> .rpm is built, you need to use the LIBRARY_PATH environment variable
> when you "make install" in order to get the re-link process to work
> properly.  You need to do:
> DESTDIR=/tmp/path
> prefix=/usr/real/path
> env LIBRARY_PATH=$(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/lib:$(DESTDIR)$(prefix)/lib/gnucash \
>         make install DESTDIR=$(DESTDIR)

No, it's not in a temporary directory, it'll be the final directory.
Except that everything will be linked in /usr/local/{bin,etc,lib,etc.).

>> I will also note that this used to work but then, sometime in the life
>> of the 1.7.x series, it suddenly broke. I'd also mentioned it at the
>> time.
> AFAIK this _never_ worked..  It certainly never worked for me.  This
> is how it works now....

Hmmm...  I seem to remember that it did. But since you know better than
I do, I'll assume I'm wrong.

> Part of the broken is the version of libtool we're using.  I do
> not expect this to be changed in the 1.8 series, but hopefully
> we can "fix" this for 2.0 (or 1.10).

Maybe that's it.

All right, I'll follow the rules and everything should be Ok. Once
again, I apologize to anyone who may have interpreted me messages as
being offensive.


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