Lots GUI

Linas Vepstas linas at linas.org
Sun Apr 6 13:38:39 CDT 2003

feedback please.

I think the lots gui takes precedence over book closing, right?  
(since if one closes the books and lots are messed up, there 
would be no way to repair them.)

If you can think of a better way to organize the GUI, let me know.


Basic GUI: 
   The goal of the basic GUI is to handle most usages of
   most lots in most places.  There also need to be special-purpose
   dialogs for specific applications, e.g. stocks, inventory, etc.

   Shows three areas:  
   -- list of lots, one of which can be highlighted.
      Lot names can be edited in-place.
   -- contents of a single lot (displayed in a narrow,
      mini-register view, showing only date, memo, quant, 
   -- list of splits not in any lot.
      (not clear if screen real-estate allows side-by-side
      placement, or if this must be above/below. above/below
      would suck)

   Shows various buttons:
   -- two arrows, which move split into/out of lot.
      This is a traditional way of moving something from one
      list to another, but some UI designers argue against this.
      Is there a better way to move splits into/out-of a lot?

   -- button, labelled 'close lot', which, when pressed, will
      set lot balance to zero. (by using fifo on the unassigned
      splits, if possible).
   -- A field showing realized gain/loss on a closed lot, and
      a pull-down allowing the gain/loss to be posted to a 
      specific account.

   -- button or menu item, 'add notes to this lot'.

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