notes on building with Postgres support

Richard Schilling rschilling at
Mon Apr 14 17:36:56 CDT 2003

I built gnucash with --enable-sql turned on in the config file
(Postgres support), and thought I would relay my notes:

system information (uname -a output), with the real domain and
e-mail address substituted for dummy value:
FreeBSD <<>> 4.6-RELEASE FreeBSD
4.6-RELEASE  #1: Tue July 16 12:29:27 GMT 2002 
<<my-email>>:/usr/src/sys/compile/GENERIC  i386

I built the package made by the FreeBSD folks from source. 
Results/Findings of build:

There were a couple of files with errors in them:
         error on lines 87, 110 and 117 (call to function had
too few parameters passed to it).
         errrors on lines 444, 545, 713, 751 (call to function
had too few parameters passed to it - same as in dbadd.c)

     I commented out those lines/sections so the program would
compile.  Suspect it's not going to have too many bad side
effects because the code has to do with the help system (as
opposed to core modules of the application), but someone can
correct me if I'm wrong.

gnucash reported undefined symbol in pgendStoreAuditSplit,
unable to load library  I did run ldconfig
-m /usr/local/pgsql/lib (where is located)
after building.

Couple of problems with some of the macro files were also
     gnucash-1.6.6/src/engine/sql/table.m4 generates an
indefinite number of the same character.  I fixed the problem
by removing all the comments from the file.
     gnucash-1.6.6./src/engine/sql/kvp-objects.m4 generates
and indefinite number of the same character.  I fixed the
problem b y removing all the comments from the file.
     NOTE: For both of these problems I submitted a bug report
to the m4 group @ MIT.
          kvp-objects.m4 also generated bad #define
statements.  For each statement in table.m4 that had a #define
statement in the C code, the work defined was removed.  I
fixed this problem by inserting the define keyword manually
into the file kvp-autogen.c after it was created.

Other than that, the product works great.  I was unable to use
a newer version of gnucash because the FreeBSD folks haven't
ported it yet.

Possible additions I may add to the code myself in the future
     * more canned reports for the construction industry
     * integration with Quickbooks (if not there already).
     * integration with project management software, existing
or created by myself.

Richard Schilling, MBA
National Informatics Company
R&D of Information Technology

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