IIF, QIF, QuickBooks Import

Craig Lanning CraigL at Knology.net
Thu Apr 17 13:57:31 CDT 2003

On Thu, 2003-04-17 at 12:37, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Craig Lanning <CraigL at Knology.net> writes:
> > Not only have I used QB for my personal finances (Quicken wouldn't do
> > what I wanted to do), I also keep the finances for my church (yes, that
> > means I'm the treasurer).  Having the financial data in a real database
> > would mean that other programs could be written to extract (and
> > potentially insert) data from (to) the database.
> Storing data into the database might be problematic -- Gnucash
> requires a number of invariants, and really just uses the database as
> a data store.  You would have to make sure you maintained those
> invariants if you went around the gnucash engine when you added data
> into the database....  If nothing else, it will NOT be a "supported
> operation", and if you destroy your data doing it, don't come crying
> to us ;)

The only data I can see manipulating directly in the DB is the
"Customer" names, addresses, etc. (maybe the "Vendor" names, addresses,
etc., too).  Hopefully, I can set something up to do that without hosing

Once the "new and improved" SQL mechanism is working, we can hash out
what is supported and how to do it.

> > Having a good mechanism for importing all the legacy financial info from
> > QB would allow me to migrate the historical data for the church from QB
> > to Gnucash.
> Agreed.  It doesn't affect me, but I agree that a migration path would
> be a Good Thing (TM).
> > Sorry for the long winded dissertation of my motives.  I'll go back to
> > my day job now.

Oh, well, one of the dangers of working at home.  I keep checking my
personal mail.


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