Generic Import API

Olaf Faaland ofaaland at
Sun Apr 20 22:10:23 CDT 2003


I'm playing with the import API written by Benoit.  Using the OFX and HBCI 
imports as a model, I've written a quickie test import, but I have two 

1. From what I can see of the OFX and HBCI code, the transactions initially 
created are never balanced; that is, they have only one split, and the GUI 
always prompts the user to select the 2nd account for the 2nd split.  Is that 
what really happens?  I have access to neither type of service to test my 

2. My test import creates what appears to me to be a single valid transaction.  
Specifically, there is only one TX shown in the register, and diffing the 
before and after data files shows only one <gnc:transaction> object, 
containing 2 splits.  It shows in the importer, however, with two rows.  I've 
attached the pertinent part of a screen shot, and my code.  Am I doing 
something obviously wrong?


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