[quixon@gnuchina.org: bad rpm on www.gnucash.org?]

Linas Vepstas linas at linas.org
Tue Apr 22 10:05:46 CDT 2003


What should I do with this RPM?  Anyone have theories on why the signature is bad?


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Subject: bad rpm on www.gnucash.org?
From: Xing Wang <quixon at gnuchina.org>

[root at puppy xwang]# wget

[root at puppy xwang]# rpm -Uvh gnucash-1.8.2-1.RH8.0.i386.rpm
error: gnucash-1.8.2-1.RH8.0.i386.rpm: MD5 digest: BAD
Expected(4ef3d677a54e545ad658ce06ebc26b45) !=

thank you for your years of excellent work on gnucash,


Xing Wang   <quixon at gnuchina.org>

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