Gnome2 UTF-8 handling

David Hampton hampton at
Mon Dec 1 01:26:31 CST 2003

On Tue, 2003-11-25 at 06:57, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Scott Oonk <s.oonk at> writes:
> > 2.)  Get rid of the "wide character set" and use utf-8 for the user I/O
> > as well as the internal calculations.
> #2 is the correct option.  We should just keep everything in UTF8.

Agreed, 100%.

> The hard part is going to be converting the existing XML and database
> data from whatever it's currently using to UTF8.

We don't currently include an "encoding" in the XML data file.  That
could be used as a trigger to ask the user for the old encoding and then
convert the data to UTF-8.  A nice touch would be to scan the file first
looking for any characters with the high order bit set to see if
conversion is needed in the first place.


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