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Jeremy Jongsma jeremy at jongsma.org
Thu Dec 4 16:38:53 CST 2003

Hey all -

I've been off the list for awhile and just got back on - forgive me if 
this has been said before -

I've read a couple places that you aren't sure where to get the 
information necessary to support statement downloads into GnuCash - most 
notably the actual bank URLs.  It turns out it's actually pretty easy to 
obtain a complete list of banks, capabilities and their URLs from 
Microsoft Money.

Here's what I've found so far -

In the $MONEY_HOME/System folder, there is a file called "fipartnr.ini". 
  This file contains a list of banks (1248, to be exact), a summary of 
their online capabilities, and a URL to an .MNN file on the Microsoft 
web servers.

Each .MNN file is actually a .CAB.  Inside the CAB are two relevant 
files: bank.ini and provider.ini.  bank.ini contains all of the contact 
information; provider.ini provides the URL to the bank's OFX server and 
a detailed list of its capabilities.

After digging around for a bit, I also found some developer tools for 
Money partners that should help me figure out some ambiguous fields in 
the ini files.

I didn't see anything about parameters to pass to the URL 
(user/password, etc); I'm assuming that an OFX request is simply some 
sort of OFX request document that is POSTed via SSL to that URL (maybe 
Benoit has some insight here)?

I'm total crap as far as programming in C, but if someone's not already 
working on this, I can write a perl script that will parse 
"fipartnrs.ini", retrieve all the .MMN files, analyze them and create a 
standardized set of XML documents detailing each bank's capabilities.


Jeremy Jongsma
jeremy at jongsma.org

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