[Libofx-devel] Libofx problem with GnuCash

BenoitGrégoire bock at step.polymtl.ca
Sun Feb 2 09:30:19 CST 2003

On February 2, 2003 01:27 am, Rik Harris wrote:
> I'm not sure whether this is a libofx problem, a GnuCash problem or my
> OFX file.
> I'm using GnuCash CVS from today (2/2/2003) and OpenSP 1.5 (installed in
> /usr).
> This was the first time I've compiled GnuCash with OFX, so I haven't yet
> had much experience with it.  I've imported three other (non-credit card)
> OFX files successfully into GnuCash with a total of about 40 transactions.
> When I try to import a credit card file, I get a zero-dollar amount in
> the matcher for all transactions that are TRNTYPE OTHER (i.e. purchases).
> I have two credit card files from my bank and they both behave in the
> same way.  There is one transaction that is also negative (payment),
> in a different file, which has a TRNTYPE of FEE - this one comes up with
> the proper value in the matcher.

It was a GnuCash problem. Short call, GnuCash 1.8 is due tonight.  I've just 
commited a fix to CVS.  Can you confirm this is indeed fixed?

Benoit Grégoire

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