Error running cashflow report

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sun Feb 2 12:39:00 CST 2003


Laurent Duperval <lduperval at> writes:

> Howdeeeeee!
> So I just updated the CVS version to get the new cashflow report. When I
> run it on last year's numbers, I get this:
> 25* [string<? Expenses:Insurance:Life Insurance:Laurent #f]
> /usr/local/share/gnucash/guile-modules/gnucash/report/cash-flow.scm:183:7: In procedure string<? in expression (string<? (gnc:account-get-full-name a) (gnc:account-get-full-name b)):
> /usr/local/share/gnucash/guile-modules/gnucash/report/cash-flow.scm:183:7: Wrong type argument in position 2 (expecting ROSTRINGP): #f

How... ODD.  It looks like it's trying to compare
"Expenses:Insurance:Life Insurance:Laurent" against #f, which seems to
imply that somehow '#f' is getting into your list of accounts.

Without seeing your data file, I'm not sure what to tell you.  I've
got a potential patch to fix the symptom, but it wont fix the actual
problem.  Indeed, I have no clue what your actual problem is...

If you could send me your datafile and the cash-flow configuration you
used I could try to track down the actual problem.  In the meantime,
can you try this patch and let me know if it fixes the symptom?

Index: src/report/standard-reports/cash-flow.scm
RCS file: /home/cvs/cvsroot/gnucash/src/report/standard-reports/cash-flow.scm,v
retrieving revision 1.7
diff -u -r1.7 cash-flow.scm
--- src/report/standard-reports/cash-flow.scm	31 Jan 2003 03:00:50 -0000	1.7
+++ src/report/standard-reports/cash-flow.scm	2 Feb 2003 17:36:12 -0000
@@ -180,7 +180,10 @@
     ;; helper for sorting of account list
     (define (account-full-name<? a b)
-      (string<? (gnc:account-get-full-name a) (gnc:account-get-full-name b)))
+      (cond ((and a b)
+	     (string<? (gnc:account-get-full-name a) (gnc:account-get-full-name b)))
+	    ((not b) #f)
+	    (#t #t)))
     ;; helper for account depth
     (define (account-get-depth account)


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