CVS binary: not found

Greg Troxel gdt at
Sun Feb 2 16:03:24 CST 2003

Shared library creation can fail if dependencies are not satisfied.  I
earlier posted that GNOME_LIBS and GNOMEUI_LIBS do not contain the -L
part, just the -l part.  They are used to make shlibs in various gnome
subdirs, and the -L being left out caused shlibs not to be built.

This may well not your problem, but the lesson for me was to chase
back up the chain of missing shlibs, checking all the shlibs they
depend on, to find the build failure that started it all.
This was non-obvious, since my expectation was that the build would
break in such cases.  But libtool seemed to make the .a and not the
.so and return 0 (or automake didn't check) so gmake kept going.

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