BenoitGrégoire bock at step.polymtl.ca
Sun Feb 2 20:44:35 CST 2003

I managed to quicly put together docs for GnuCash's OFX support in time for 
tonight's release.  They can be found in doc/README.OFX.

They include a FAQ, and I tought I'd post a copy here.  Call it prevention ;)
6. FAQ

(1) GnuCash simply hangs when importing an OFX file

This is probably bug http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=101738
Unfortunately the main developpers are unable to reproduce.  So far, this bug
only occurs with OpenSP 1.5.  It does not occur for anyone with OpenSP 1.3.x,
which is shipped on most Linux distro as part of openjade, so you may wan't to
downgrade. (Please note that OpenSP 1.3.x has several other issues however)

This bug is beleived to be a threading issue, and may be a problem in GnuCash,
LibOFX, OpenSP, or some versions of the Linux kernel.  If you have any usefull 
info,please add a comment to the bug above (even if only to say you 
the bug,and your version of the previously mentionned packages).

(2) Why doesn't GnuCash support direct connections to bank like Quicken/Money

I am striving to get this working, but banks are simply not cooperative in
general, and my bank doesn't support it at all, so it will not be easy to
debug once implemented.

All I can say is "We're working on it...".  But there are many steps left to
be taken.

(3) I don't see the File / Import / Import OFX/QFX menu item!

If you don't see the menu mentioned above, then GnuCash was
not built/compiled with --enable-ofx.  Please try to compile GnuCash
by yourself or contact the place where you got your pre-compiled
version of GnuCash from.

(4) When I import in OFX/HBCI, and change the destination account in the
matcher, why doesn't other transaction with the same memo/description change?

The matcher already "learns" where transactions are assigned.  The only 
is thatcurrently, it only uses what it has learned on the next import.
Re-processing the list during the import process is a feature you can hopefor
early in the 1.8 series.

(5) Can GnuCash support QFX files (Quicken Financial eXchange?)

As far as GnuCash is concerned, QFX and OFX files are identical.

(6) What about OFC support (Open Financial Connectivity, a Microsoft standard)

OFC is a SGML based format still very commonly used in Brazil, and less
frequently by banks all over the world.

The main author of LibOFX managed to find
specs, but needs the OFC DTD (Data Type Definition) to add support.  That file
is supposed to be available from a link an this page:

However, despite numerous requests to Microsoft to either fix the broken link 
send him a copy of the file, they still haven't done so.  That file is 
free to redistribute, and was part of their OFC development toolkit.  If you 
have a copy or know where to get one, please send the information to
bock at step.polymtl.ca

(7) Where do I find/How do I download OFX files for bank XYZ?

Somewhere on one of the banks website.  We can't say anymore than this, the
adress, interface, and origin of the info used as user id and password changes
from bank to bank.

(8) Can I export my Gnucash data in QIF, OFX, CSV, etc. ?

Export capability is currently being built into LibOfx.  During the
1.8.x series, Gnucash will be able to export in any format supported by

Good night,
Benoit Grégoire

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