Import transactions change proposal

Chris Morgan chrismorgan at
Tue Feb 4 10:28:32 CST 2003

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>Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003 23:53:44 -0500
>From: Benoit Grégoire <bock at>  
>Subject: Re: Import transactions change proposal  
>To: Chris Morgan <cmorgan at>
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>On February 3, 2003 05:28 pm, Chris Morgan wrote:
>> > The problem is that there are NO BUTTONS AT ALL (as far
as Gtk is
>> > concerned) in that window, except for "Ok" and "Cancel".
>> Might be useful to add a couple of buttons then.  I'll look
to see how ms
>> money handles things.  I suspect that the hundreds of
thousands ms has
>> spent on ms money has paid off in an easy to use importer gui.
>You can't add a button (or any other widget) in a cell of a
GtkClist.  That 
>would be a cell of type GTK_CELL_WIDGET, and support for it
was never 
>completed.  If you could I wouldn't have had to emulate
buttons using the 
>select signals.

I was suggesting adding a button below the clist, maybe
something like "Process Selected" or whatever.  

>As for the interface, I don't know how money does it, but
Quicken 2000's was a 
>an three pane window.  One was a register, one a list of
transactions, and a 
>third contained the buttons applicable to the selected
transaction.  The 
>matching was horrible (aparently, it used whatever the most
>transaction with the same amount was, very annoying).

I took a look at ms money and oddly enough it doesn't appear
to do any kind of smart transaction matching.  It must be time
consuming when importing a years worth of transactions...


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