Postgres 7.3.2 datetime bug

Matthew Vanecek mevanecek at
Thu Feb 6 20:08:03 CST 2003

Can you file a bug report about this, please, at 
I'll need to explore this a little.  The official support is for
Postgresql 7.2.x, and the semantics of now() and datetime('NOW') are a
tad different (i.e., now() appends the timezone to the output).  It's
probably a non-issue, but never hurts to be sure.

On Thu, 2003-02-06 at 10:10, Fernando Vilas wrote:
> If you keep getting a runtime error along the lines of "datetime(unknown) function not found", the datetime stuff has been depreciated in PostgreSQL 7.3.x... I fixed it by changing the file backends/postgres/kvp-sql.c, in the macro CPY_KVP(TYPE). 
> Line 532 currently reads: 
> p = stpcpy (p, "' as sessionGuid, datetime('NOW') as date_changed, " \
> change it to read: 
> p = stpcpy (p, "' as sessionGuid, now() as date_changed, " \
> This fixed the problem for me... hope it helps you.
> Thanks,
> Fernando Vilas
fvilas at
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