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Mon Feb 10 14:08:16 CST 2003

On Thu, Feb 06, 2003 at 12:39:58PM +1100, Conrad Canterford was heard to remark:
> Something I'd like to see happen as part of the "port" process (I
> believe we discussed this on #gnucash some time ago) is a clear
> separation of the front-end from the engine/back-end.

Hmm,  what's not 'clear' about the current separation?

> 1. I have had some discussions with people regarding the implementation
> of gnucash into business sites (with a paid support agreement), and a


> interface elements. While some form of configurable plug-in interface
> would be nice, an ability to just switch one interface with another
> would be a big step in the right direction, and probably much easier to
> do ("steal generic interface and modify as required"). Having it

Sounds more like youare ascking for a clear separation between one part
of the user interface, and others. 

> 2. This approach would (for similar reasons) make the envisaged KDE
> front-end a more palatable task.

There used to be one of these! it was removed from the source, years ago
... (there was also a motif interface, it was actually the first gui to
gnucash; for several years gnucash would could build both/either gui's. 

> 3. Such a step is really necessary if we are to have true
> multi-user/multi-host capabilities, which is something else that the
> business sites are really keen on. The front-end needs to be able to run
> on a physically separate machine from the engine (not by default, but we
> need to be able to do so).

There are two prototypes for this:
-- a sun-rpc demo, from derek atkins
-- an xml-based demo, from me
 Both of the above probably no longer work; certainly the xml one
is in disrepair.

Note also the current mutli-user capability of gnucash hinges on 
postgres: multiple copies on gnucash on separate machines can 
simultaneously update the database.  If one cuser changes an entry
(or creates a new one), other users will see those changes more or less
"immediately" if they have that particular register open.

But I suspect you already know this, so I'm wondering what you really 
wanted to say ...


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