Good-bye from active development / Rueckzug von der aktiven Programmierung

Chris Lyttle chris at
Mon Feb 10 20:31:22 CST 2003

I must express my gratitude and thanks to you for all your hard work. It
was also great to meet you when I visited hamburg. Its been great having
you involved in GnuCash, and I certainly appreciate the advice and
support you've given me in working at GnuCash. I hope to see you from
time to time to say hi, and that your spiritual yearnings find
fulfillment. Good luck for your wedding too, whenever that happens :)



On Mon, 2003-02-10 at 12:45, Christian Stimming wrote:
> [Deutsche Version weiter unten / German version below]
> Dear GnuCash developers and community,
> I've been an active part in this great project for quite some time now. During 
> the last 6-9 months, we all worked hard on getting the new stable series 
> together. I'm proud to be a part of this community here. I'm especially proud 
> that we managed to arrive at a working HBCI-capable finance application -- 
> something I've been dreaming of for the last 3 years, and what I've been 
> working on especially during the last 9 months. 
> Now, eventually, time has come for me to move on. In my personal life 
> priorities have shifted, and different things are now getting more important 
> than before. In particular (just in case anyone is interested in hearing :), 
> I want to increase my spiritual relationship with God; I want to spend more 
> time with my fiancee as we are making plans about getting married sometime 
> this or next year; I want to hang out more with friends from church or 
> university; and last but not least my PhD thesis requires more and more 
> attention as things are really getting interesting there.
> Therefore I want to withdraw from active development in GnuCash and in 
> OpenHBCI. I know that a lot of features, and in particular the HBCI features,  
> are only a start of what would be possible, but I am totally convinced there 
> are lots and lots of other skilled programmers who could implement more and 
> more features into GnuCash just as well. :-) 
> I will still be around, and I will happily help any new developer who needs 
> some introduction in the GnuCash and/or OpenHBCI sources. Also, I think I 
> will still be able to maintain the German translation, as well as handling 
> the other translations through the Translation Project. And I'll probably 
> also be able to do the administration of the gnucash-de mailing list.
> However, I will probably not be able to start coding on new features, and I 
> will also not carry on the initial work on the German translation of the user 
> documentation. I will probably still read the mailing lists (well, certainly 
> gnucash-de), but I guess it will take some more days of delay until I can 
> answer in the discussions here. (With the exception of when a new developer 
> needs some ideas/advice to start coding in GnuCash and/or OpenHBCI.)
> Finally I would like to say thank you to all of you developers, for all mutual 
> support, for bearing with me even in endless, night-long discussions (thanks 
> Benoit!),  and for this cool project that surely is going to take over the 
> financial application market into total GnuCash world domination! Yeah :-)

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