Import transactions change proposal

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Feb 11 23:26:05 CST 2003

Christopher Browne <gnucash at> writes:

> > The match isn't based on a single transaction but rather the sum of the 
> > transactions in any given destination account.  A patch should be forthcoming
> > in a few days that implements the whole algorithm.
> Including the logarithmic normalization associated with Bayesian Filtering?  
> (Graham's method oversimplifies it...)

Any chance you could explain this "logarithmic normalization"
algorithm?  I'm assuming that the process outlined in my previous mail
is sufficient, but I don't know exactly what math needs to be

> Someone was complaining today at the office about the fact that their bank 
> only supplied OFX files, and that they weren't sure what would load it.  I 
> suggested that scheduled transactions would be pretty helpful in handling this 
> even if the GnuCash OFX support /didn't/ exist...  There's certainly more than 
> one way to skin a cat...

But hopefully you pointed them to 1.8.1, which has OFX support... ;)

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