gnucash 1.8 and HBCI does not work?

Christian Stimming stimming at
Wed Feb 12 17:41:00 CST 2003

Eildert Groeneveld wrote:

>>>after a lot of initial exitement I have sobered down considerably
>>>regarding HBCI use of gnucash with 1.8. This simply doen not work any
>>*cough* I do not quite understand what this message is supposed to say.
> This looks like I someone considered this like a personal attack. But that is 
> not the case. Far from it: I am shopping around for ideas of what to do.

Uhm, well, ok, sorry for my reaction, but this was a bit unclear.

Also, since I'm backing off from gnucash hacking, there is currently no 
core developer on gnucash-devel who really go through some debugging 
with you. Chances are much higher on gnucash-de or openhbci-general that 
questions of this kind can actually be answered. So gnucash-devel at 
this point in time is not quite the right place to look for answers on 
HBCI issues.

> Only, sometime one runs out of ideas and then one needs to 
> ask others. Thats what this is.
> So, what are our (my) options:
> 1. go back to libchipcard 0.6

That might be an option. Get and compile libchipcard-0.6, then get and 
compile openhbci (I think even 0.9.7 still compiles with 
libchipcard-0.6, but certainly 0.9.6 should), then compile gnucash again.

> 2. look at the .openhbci configuration
>    (moved to a new card, does one have to fix something there?)

You can always have a look. Martin Preuss can tell you more, if that's 
an option.

> 3. hmmm, anything else? well I could again try the debian packages instead 
>    of the cvs versions of libchipcard/openhbci/gnucash

If you are seeing problems that nobody else has discovered so far, you 
should probably rather stick to your self-compiled versions (not 
necessarily latest CVS, but important is the self-compiled thing).


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