UI independance

Alex Barclay alex at planet-barclay.com
Wed Feb 12 20:20:39 CST 2003

Derek Atkins wrote:

>Another thing to consider: Linas and I had discussed (on this list,
>IIRC), the possibility of making a Bonobo Server out of Gnucash.  This
>would allow other (gnome) applications to talk to GnuCash and perform
>functions.  Similarly, it would be nice if GnuCash would act like
>Netscape, Mozilla, Acroread, or lots of other applications -- detect
>if one copy is running and "pass" information across..  This would
>make it easier to turn GnuCash into a web plug-in -- the web browser
>could just call "gnucash", and it would either start a new one or, if
>one was running, pass the information into the running gnucash.
Please take this option! I used to be very anti-Micro$oft until I 
started learning about COM/DCOM. There are huge advantages to using this 
kind of component architecture provided that the security implications 
can be worked out - Gnome using unix domain sockets fits this bill nicely.

One of the applications I would like to produce at some point is a 
general ledger running on my palm. When I sync it would upload its data 
to the gnucash engine. If we went with a raw socket interface I'd be 
left writing the interface code. If we went with SOAP I'd be left 
writing the XML messages. If we go with CORBA I can use the current 
object mapping and concentrate only on my app.

Great idea. What do we do to make this one a reality?


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