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Thu Feb 13 07:29:22 CST 2003

On 12 Feb 2003 21:09:26 PST, the world broke into rejoicing as
Dave Peticolas <dave at krondo.com>  said:
> Not that I am advocating SOAP, or any other method, but this
> is a misleading statement. You might as well say 'If we go
> with CORBA, I'd be left writing the CORBA messages by
> hand'. Of course, no one would do that since you could
> use a CORBA library to do that for you. And that is precisely
> what you would do with SOAP. There are several free SOAP
> libraries available, for different languages.

SOAP has the significant downside that interoperability is somewhat,
um, spotty, where there are multiple "camps" (specifically: IBM versus
Microsoft) which construct messages significantly differently. It's kind
of like the old big-endian versus little-endian thing.

If you want a /simple/ substrate that uses XML, I'd commend XML-RPC
instead, as the spec is only about 2 pages long and there /hasn't/ been
the same political infighting over who will dominate the industry using

But the fact that CORBA actually has a way of declaring how to connect it
to different languages is a big advantage.  SOAP?  Heh.  There's /no/ hope
of changing implementations and having your code even faintly survive...
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