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Matthew Vanecek mevanecek at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 13 20:24:04 CST 2003

On Thu, 2003-02-13 at 16:40, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Christopher Browne <gnucash at cbbrowne.com> writes:
> > Why go with something that will continue to be flaky for years to come
> > when there's an /already mature/ technology that is /already part of
> > GNOME/?
> Well, the counter argument is that the point was to try to separate
> ourselves from Gnome -- in particular to enable a Qt/KDE UI.  Adding
> yet more gnome deps doesn't quite help in that regards.
> However, I still think a set of bonobo services would be a good
> thing.  Any volunteers?

Not yet. :)

I'd like to point out, using CORBA doesn't necessarily tie you to GNOME,
nor does it create a GNOME dependency.  If you have a well-designed (or
at very least, standards-compliant) interface, than any other CORBA
application can connect, be it bonobo apps, Visibroker apps, or whatever
(what's the other free implementation?).

The dependency would be on the CORBA library we used, from the engine
standpoint. The UI dependency would be on whatever CORBA library *it*
used.  If they happened to be the same, so much the better.  And, can't
IDL be compiled with any IDL compiler?  Can't we construct the CORBA
interface such that it will work with whatever is currently installed? 
Do I sound like I'm rambling....hmm, too much bier...

Anyhow, I'd really like to emphasize, I like the ability to have two
different files open at once.  If we move to the one-instance-at-a-time,
we need to make sure we can have multiple files open concurrently...
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