created gnome2 development branch in CVS

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sat Feb 15 11:17:39 CST 2003

I created a gnome2 development branch in CVS so that the gnome2 port
can work alongside the rest of the development.  Once the gnome2 port
is finished we can merge it into the HEAD and cut over to gnome2.

This will allow the gnome2 porters to work on their own tree and make
changes to cvs without the rest of us interfereing.  For example,
gnome2 wants to use installed .m4 packages instead of those out of our
tree..  We could either update all our macros, or we could remove
them.  I opted to remove them (from the branch)..  However similar
divergences will probably occur.

The branch is called "gnucash-gnome2-dev", so gnome2 porters can
work from there..  I suspect that periodically we'll merge from
the HEAD into the gnome2 branch to make sure we keep up with the


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