Gnucash and Mac OS X support!!!

Nicolas Scheffer nicolas.scheffer at
Tue Feb 11 20:41:59 CST 2003

Hi Peter,

Strange problem afetr upgrade using fink all the package using unstable :

[titanium:~] nico% gnucash
ERROR: In procedure dynamic-link:
ERROR: file not found

Try to find where is the problem, if you have idea ?



On 11/02/03 14:00, "Peter O'Gorman" <peter at> wrote:

> On Wednesday, February 5, 2003, at 10:57  PM, Nicolas Scheffer wrote:
>> Is there a chance to have one day a way to install (compile first)
>> Gnucash
>> 1.8.x for Mac OS X ?
>> There is a problem with libtool, how to solve it ?
>> I am using fink to install Xfree, Gnome and other stuff and have
>> already
>> Apple
>> Dev Tools (latest) installed.
> Then also use fink to install gnucash :-)
> Enable the "unstable" tree ->
> (you can disable it again later)
> fink selfupdate-cvs
> fink install gnucash
> When everything has finished compiling (a day or so), you can disable
> the unstable tree again. If it all works fine for you, let me know so I
> can move the stuff to the stable tree, and it can be put in the binary
> release.
> If you have tried this and still have your libtool issues, please let
> me know again.
> 1.8.1 is not yet in fink, I'll add it on the weekend.
> Thanks,
> Peter

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