Bug 116546 fix

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Jul 23 15:34:05 CDT 2003


1) you should use kvp_frame_delete(), not g_free().
2) You should never have to set data to NULL when you free it.
3) It sounds like the REAL problem is that the postgres backend is
   referencing a deleted book -- why is it doing that?  You should
   try to fix that, rather than trying to fix the symbols of accessing
   freed data.


Matthew Vanecek <mevanecek at yahoo.com> writes:

> This patch corrects Bug 116546.  There is still a problem in qofid.c
> that was exposed by the fix--the PG backend doesn't fully support the
> entity type lookups yet, or something.  Too late to diagnose now, must
> sleep, but here's the patch for the bug fix.
> The patch is agains head.  I'll submit the 1.8.x branch patch tomorrow
> after I've tested it.
> Thanks, 
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