bug 116546

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sun Jul 27 15:37:50 CDT 2003


Matthew Vanecek <mevanecek at yahoo.com> writes:

> After discusing with Derek a bit, here's the patch that corrects bug
> #116546.  This is against head; I've not backported to 1.8.x yet.

A couple comments:

1) I don't think you want to g_free() the blist entries.  This could
   be a big problem with double-freeing data.  In particular:

+      for (node = be->blist; node; node = node->next) {
+          g_free(node->data);
+          node->data = NULL;
+      }

I don't think you want this...  (in either place you have it).
Granted, I'm not sure how the blist is created, but I'm pretty sure
this is not the right way to clean it up. ;)

2) This is a minor UI message bug:

+   if (1 < be->nest_count) {
+       LEAVE("be->nest_count < 1: %d", be->nest_count); 

The message is reversed.  This is checking whether be->next_count > 1

(FWIW, I absolutely despise this style, for this exact reason!)


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