Documentation: missing shortcut that opens the account list in a register

Paolo Benvenuto donpaolo at
Thu Jul 31 15:44:08 CDT 2003

Il Thursday 31 July 2003 13:49, Jon Lapham ha scritto:
> Paolo Benvenuto wrote:
> > As we are working on documentation, I suggest that we put again into the
> > shortcut paragraph the shorcut that unfolds the account list in the
> > register.
> >
> > This shortcut was documented in 1.6.x docs, but I can't find it in the
> > 1.8 ones.
> >
> > Buon cammino!
> Just going through old emails...  Was there ever a response to this
> message?  Maybe I just missed it.
> I just checked the 1.6 docs, and the best I could find was this:
> what version does 
it refer to?

Anyway, I'm shure the shortcut was written somewhere: I used it before 
forgetting it.

Buon cammino!

don Paolo Benvenuto <donpaolo at>

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