Bug in reports

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sun Mar 2 16:37:54 CST 2003

Phillip John Shelton <phillips at yourisp.com.au> writes:

> Was it just me or had gnucash.org been unreachable for others as well?
> I am glad to report that it is back up now.

yes, it was down for a couple days.  It's back now.

> Bug report. Is there a bugzilla address?


> In the file /src/report/standard-reports/account-summary.scm
> the moudule srfi and srfi-1 are hardcoded in. In configure the test is
> made to see if these are needed. (in guile 1.6.3 they are not) how do
> I go about makeing the use of these modules conditional?

You can make it conditional off of (version).  I think you can find
other places where this is done.  Note that there are probably a
number of places where the dependency on srfi is made directly.

> In the Expence over time report if you set the step size to less than
> a month you get an error in generatitng the report and no report.

I haven't looked closely at this, but you may want to create
a test data file that shows the problem and supply that and
your report configuration (step-by-step reproduction instructions)
in your bug report.


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