report bugs

Toan T Nguyen ntt at
Sun Mar 2 22:27:47 CST 2003

I've been using gnucash 1.8 CVS for a hour and notice the following bugs 
related to Reports:

If I set Edit-Preferences->Accounts->Revesed balance account type to 
Income-Expense so that all expenses are shown with negative numbers, the 
Report Expense Piechart does not work. It complains about no 
data/transactions. (Report Expense Barchart works).

A second bug is related to Expense Barchart. If there are more catergories 
than the Maximum # of Bars allowed (set in the option dialog), the sort 
method does not work, gnucash always uses the Sort Method Alphabetical.

Finally, is there a way to remove the black border around each bar or slice in 
the charts? They are too thick. So are the fonts, they are too big.



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