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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sun Mar 9 14:59:22 CST 2003

Erik Dalén <dalen at jpl.se> writes:

> hi
> I'm currently using a swedish windows economy program called SPCS. I'd
> like to switch over to gnucash as I'm using linux anyway. but there's
> some things that are stopping me. first of all I'd like to be able to
> type in the account code in the general ledger. It takes to long time to
> select the accounts with the mouse or type the whole name.

Well, you can use shorthand.  The accounts will autocomplete, so you
only need to type in the fewest letters to make the account unique.
You can also auto-complete up to the separator character.  For example,
you can type:

        e : a : g

To get to:


> secondly I'd like to suggest a feature from that application. It can be
> set up to automatically fix the taxes on expense accounts. So if I type
> in 100 debet on an expense account it pops up a requester asking if I
> want to make that 20 (swedish VAT) to the tax account and 80 on the
> expense account. Instead of having to type in both values manually.

I don't think there are any plans to do this from the GL at all.
You can do something like this within the business features for
invoicing and expense reporting, but for general accounting keeping
track of this just isn't "special cased".

> Otherwise I'm wondering if there's any plans to separate the tax code to
> different modules for each country. A swedish module would be very nice.

Nope.  No plans.  But you're welcome to donate code. :)

> -- 
> Erik Dalén
> dalen at jpl.se
> http://www.jpl.se/~dalen/


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