exiting from gnome

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sun Mar 9 21:16:00 CST 2003

don Paolo Benvenuto <donpaolo at gsi.it> writes:

> Hi guys! I found a rather inquieting thing.
> If I exit from gnome without saving gnucash data, my work is lost: gnucash 
> doesn't stop gnome from exiting in order to ask me whether I want to save my 
> data or not (as for example gedit does).
> Isn't there a way to avoid this dangerous behaviour?

Nope.  Just like there is no way for gnucash to stop you from
unplugging your computer or turning it off.  Exiting gnome is
outside the purvue of gnucash.  By the time gnucash gets told
that gnome is going away, you have no more UI.

"Save Early, Save Often".

Hitting the "save" button is easy.  Just Do It.

> Buon Cammino!


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