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Chris Lyttle chris at
Tue Mar 11 18:49:04 CST 2003

On Tue, 2003-03-11 at 17:10, Kevin Benton wrote:
> One of the things I learned both as a volunteer and in business is that
> leaders need to build teams where needs exist.  Those teams need
> administrators, recruiters, and workers.  Members of those teams will
> benefit by building teams of their own as well so that the load is
> shared across many people.  It seems to me that we have a lot of users
> that would love to contribute in some way but aren't programmers or
> don't have enough time to dive deep into the code.  I'm willing to help
> build a team of people who would do coordinated testing if one doesn't
> exist.  Would that help?  I see this team as a set of volunteers who
> would often build pre-release software on their systems then use
> features that have been updated recently along with testing other major

As good an idea as this may sound, the simple fact of the matter is that
at this time it wouldn't actually help. To be able to build a team as
you describe you need people to cover all the area's the project needs.
Not just testing. This project barely has enough programmers to keep up
with the flow of bugzilla entries we have, let alone the increased
number of bugs your testing team idea would generate. I would be willing
to go along with this, but first you need to increase interest among
people in GnuCash sufficient that we have programmers with time to work
on things for all the major code areas, documenters that are willing and
able to document what the coders do, people willing to update the
website, help with releases, etc. I'd say that you need a bunch of
people willing to work on these things _before_ you get to a 'testing
team', otherwise its simply a misdirection of energy.

> Of late, you and others have seen me become vocal about release process
> improvement.  Notice that the emphasis is on the process and not the
> person.  Derek - I think you're doing a great job (even if it is without
> pay) and I'm sure that others will agree with me on that.  What I'm
> trying to help us all focus on is stepping back for a few moments and
> taking an honest look at how code goes "public" or to the "blessed"
> designation of "stable release."

Again, my comment here is you are focusing your energies on an area that
simply is lower in the priority list than other needs of the GnuCash

Thank you for taking the time and energy to _become_ involved, thats
often the step most people miss (they just as often sit and complain and
dont help). Please do look some more at where you can help and offer
your insights. Practically speaking, the motivation to start and do
anything in GnuCash will come from you. I'd say if your area of
expertise is in building teams that would be a great benefit to this
project in general, just find out what's most urgently needed first
before you go off and start working on something.

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