RFC: Website maintenance

Conrad Canterford conrad at mail.watersprite.com.au
Mon Mar 17 15:10:18 CST 2003

Hi all,
Following on from the previous discussions on this list and on IRC, I'd
like to propose the following things as a possible solution to the
problem. Your comments and feedback would be appreciated.

1. We need a dedicated webmaster for the gnucash.org web pages, with
full write access to those pages. This is the only hope we'll have to
get our pages more up to date.
2. We also propose to set up a Wiki for FAQ and user support type stuff,
possibly hosted at sourceforge (because it doesn't add any security
concerns to Linas's hardware that currently hosts gnucash.org, and its

Since I've had a fairly long association with the project and haven't
been contributing much, I've volunteered to become the webmaster,
subject of course to agreement by Linas and the community in general.
I'm not offering to do a wholesale rewrite of the web pages myself,
rather I see the position as the collection point and co-ordinator for
website changes. If someone wants to propose a change to the web pages,
they send it to me, and provided I agree with it, I'll apply it.
Linas is, I gather, too busy to do the job himself. Wilddev has
indicated that he's finding being docs maintainer and release manager
hard enough work.

I'm also happy to investigate and set up a Wiki, although this will take
me longer to achieve. I've never set one up before so I'm interested in
any comments and advice people have to offer. Comments on any possible
issues with hosting at Sourceforge are also appreciated.

Comments back to the list please.

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