How modular is GNUCash?

Shimpei Yamashita shimpei at
Mon Mar 17 15:30:31 CST 2003

On Sun, Mar 16, 2003 at 06:38:56PM -0500,
Christopher Browne wrote:

> > I just purchased a Zaurus (Linux based) PDA which uses Qt as it's base 
> > GUI library (as does KDE I believe).  I would love to use GnuCash on 
> > this device, but more importantly, I would like to be able to allow my 
> > family members to use GnuCash and they are stuck with MS windows for the 
> > foreseeable future.
> > 
> > It would seem that a port to KDE (Qt) would be one way of solving both 
> > these issues with one move. 

On a tangential note, the Zaurus uses Qt-Embedded, which doesn't come with
KDE libraries. A KDE port won't really help as far as the Zaurus is
concerned. Even if you could get a port running, I don't want to think about
how slow such a beast would be on the Z, with its 32MB of RAM and a pitifully
weak bus to secondary storage.

Given Z's positioning as a PDA, not a full PC, a more natural solution would
be to retrofit an existing Zaurus expense recorder with an "Sync with GnuCash"
feature. I wouldn't mind paying shareware fee for such a product.

Shimpei Yamashita                     

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