How modular is GNUCash?

Fred fmalabre at
Mon Mar 17 17:54:24 CST 2003

This is what I'm looking at.
I read in the archive some discussions about the rpc back-end.
I also saw some code in src/experimental/cgi-bin (or something like that).

I will come up with a proposal of xml-rpc methods, client oriented (as opposed 
to Gnucash engine oriented).
I will do that as a define my needs for the KDE front-end.

Derek, I understand your point. However I believe the extra work required for 
a rpc back-end worse it for the future, I was also thinking of a console 
client, a Zaurus client, and maybe a web client. Wouldn't that be cool ?


On Monday 17 March 2003 03:37 am, no ahora wrote:
> And what about using something like xml-rpc?
> I think xml is a good thing.
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