How modular is GNUCash?

Jason Boerner JasonB at Computer.Org
Tue Mar 18 16:36:52 CST 2003

At this point, I agree.
I'm thinking of something that does the following:
1) Display the current account balances from GnuCash.
2) Display the last (user selectable) 100 transactions/account.
3) Allow the user to enter in new transactions.
4) Push those new transactions to GnuCash when it's available.

1) Are there any specifications (other than the code) which talk about 
every transaction type for each account type?
2) What would be the "best" format to use for pushing the transactions 
back and forth from GnuCash to "little GnuCash"?  QIF?

It would seem that I might be able to reuse the engine to handle 90% of 
the work (to store/retrieve transactions) but the shear number of 
dependencies seems give it a large footprint.
I'm unable to verify this, as I seem to have some environmental issues 
which are preventing me from building the engine right now.   I hope to 
get over those this week.  However, resolving that deserves a separate 

On 3/16/2003 2:00 PM, Shimpei Yamashita wrote:

> On Sun, Mar 16, 2003 at 11:51:01AM -0800,
> Jason Boerner wrote:
>> I just purchased a Zaurus (Linux based) PDA which uses Qt as it's 
>> base GUI library (as does KDE I believe).  I would love to use 
>> GnuCash on this device, but more importantly, I would like to be able 
>> to allow my family members to use GnuCash and they are stuck with MS 
>> windows for the foreseeable future.
> As much as I'd like to see a Zaurus port of gnucash myself, I doubt 
> that a
> gnucash port to a relatively slow machine with 32MB of RAM and no swap is
> going to be terribly useful. It isn't like the Zaurus needs any help 
> in being
> slow....
> A better idea might be to write a simple expense recorder that writes 
> to a
> file format that gnucash on your PC can import.

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