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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sun Mar 23 19:48:08 CST 2003

Andrew Pimlott <gnucash-devel at> writes:

>     (define query (gnc:malloc-query))
>     (gnc:query-add-date-match query
>                               #t 1 1 2002
>                               #f 1 1 2002
>                               'query-and)

For the record, the reason this fails is that g-wrap appears to only
support a total of 9 arguments and fails when you provide more.  This
function obviously has more (it has 10 arguments).  It's also never
used anywhere in the scheme code, which is why this error was never
detected until now.

Unless I hear from RLB that this is fixed, I'll probably just remove
the function from the API; you can create a timepair from m-d-y pretty
easily.  I suppose another workaround is to reset the g-wrap
max-number of arguments to something greater than 9, but I'm not
convinced it's a parameter we can tweak.

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