Gnucash 1.8.2 first impressions

Salkind, Lou Lou-Salkind at
Mon Mar 31 14:33:53 CST 2003

> > > Pricedb entries are never created by anything except the
> > > Transfer Dialog, Manual Entry in the Price Editor, and 
> > > pulling quotes off the net.  I'm not convinced that the QIF 
> > > importer (or any importer) should actually add items to the 
> > > pricedb -- but I could be convinced.
> > 
> > Here are my arguments:  (1) If the prices are not entered by the 
> > importer, I doubt anybody without a fair amount of 
> experience will be 
> > able to track down why the two programs are giving 
> different numbers.
> > (2) The fact that the price histories exist means that somebody 
> > previously entered them and needed them, so why wouldn't 
> you want them 
> > in the pricedb?
> That's a completely different issue.  I'm talking about 
> entering in pricedb entries from transactions; not "reading 
> historical prices from a Quicken datafile".  The latter 
> cannot happen because the data format is not defined (or if 
> it IS defined the importer has no clue how to even read it).

Sigh.  As you guessed, I was talking about the latter.

> Second, all you need to do is run a single automated quote 
> download and your system will be up and running.

Unfortunately not, because in my case the securities are not publicly or
exchange traded, so they will not appear in any public price database.

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