THIS IS A DRAFT; State of the GnuCash project, part II: What can YOU do to help?

warlord at MIT.EDU warlord at MIT.EDU
Tue Nov 4 10:31:14 CST 2003

Michael Hall <ninti at> writes:

> Splits may be the only way to do GST, but all the commercial packages here in

Splits are the only way to _STORE_ GST is Transactions.  They are not the
only way to enter them.

> Australia just have a check box marked GST, then all amounts entered while the
> box is checked are processed for GST automatically. We only have two rates (0
> and 10 percent) so it is pretty straight forward. I have something that simple
> in mind. It might use splits behind the scenes, but the user never has to think
> about it.

Ok, please explain in what way the existing Tax Table features do not
meet your needs?  The _ONLY_ thing I can think of are:

 0) There's not a locale-specific GST-enabled Account Tree
 1) There's no helpful druid to get the Tax Tables created for your locale
 2) There's no useful quarterly/yearly GST report(s)
 3) It only works with the Business Invoice/Bill interface

I consider 0, 1, and 2 to be 95% of the issue.  I don't consider 3 a
major issue.  Yet in three round trips you still haven't said what the
actual issues are with GST, or what functionality you actually need.


PS: please keep in mind that while YOU only have two rates other
GST/VAT countries may have more (ISTR someone saying they have four).
Whatever work is done here should be generalizable to all GST/VAT

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