compile problems in src/backend/postgres/gncquery.c

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Oct 1 12:07:58 CDT 2003

Are you sure you've got a current CVS checkout?  I've got
src/engine/qofquerycore.h in my sandbox and my CVS is certainly
up to date..


"Best, Jan-Pascal van" <j.p.vanbest at> writes:

> It seems qofqueryobject.h has been removed from src/engine and its 
> definitions have been moved to src/engine/QueryCore.h, but without 
> the "QOF_" prefixes. There is a src/engine/ script that 
> claims to add those prefixes, but it's disabled (there's a "if(0)"
> somewhere in it).
> I think we should
> - add a #include "QueryCore.h" to src/backend/postgres/gncquery.c, and
> - run the script on src/engine/QueryCore.h,
> but I really am not familiar with this code, and wouldn't know what I 
> was doing if I started meddling in there.
> Could someone with CVS access please fix this?
> Thanks!
> Jan-Pascal
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> Jan-Pascal van Best
> Delft University of Technology
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