gnucash 1.8.7 on woody

Thomas Viehmann tv at
Sun Oct 19 19:43:49 CDT 2003

I guess you can pretty much go through the c++ dependencies and just
plainly recompile those. (At least this worked for me earlier in the
1.8.x series.)
I don't distribute those because to get proper packages, one would need
to remove the c102 from the package names, ensure compilation with gcc
2.9x and redirect the bug reports, it's perfactly doable, but probably a
couple of hours of work.



Ken Restivo wrote:
> i am stuck with woody systems here (for stability). however, i need to run gnucash 1.8.7 in order to import OFX/QFX data.
> is there any hope? i found a few backports, but they were severe: basically the whole system needed to be upgraded to very near sid. 
> if there was a standalone tool that converted ofx/qfx data into a format that i could import into gnucash 1.6.6, that'd actually suit me much better.
> -ken
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