Translation problems; possible solution

A. Alper ATICI alper.atici at
Wed Oct 22 20:58:30 CDT 2003


On Wed, Oct 22, 2003 at 03:28:24PM +0200, Christian Stimming wrote:
> <rant>Do people actually *read* my posting?
> I
> already explained in detail the problem here, I pointed to previous
> proposed solutions, and I explained in length why these solutions still
> won't work. Why the f*** do you continue this discussion as if I didn't
> explain anything about these issues so far?</rant>

Yes, I read it, actually I'm aware of the part in gettext manual which

One solution to this problem is to artificially enlengthen the
strings to make them unambiguous.  But what would the program do if no
translation is available?  The enlengthened string is not what should be

So, I explicitly stated a basic rule in my previous post, which said:

"One basic rule has to be applied all the time:
A mangled msgid must not have empty msgstr in any PO file."

This rule simply prevents the mangled string from being printed ever, 
just review the example I've given.
Now, discussing the feasibility of this rule is one thing which you've 
not done, and ranting unfairly at people is another. Only if you'd read 
my post thoroughly...

> First of all, it is not tolerable to drop support for a "C" locale.
> People have to be able to get meaningful string messages even if they
> don't have any gettext installed and/or set up correctly.

All of the non-english-speaking users have to have gettext installed to
get meaningful messages, so why is that not a problem?

> therefore not possible to enforce *every* language including "en" to
> offer a respective po file. Instead, we need a solution that will still
> work even without any po file around.

Well, I'm in no position to justify these assertions, nor would any 
other non-english user be. But I believe I've made my point, at least to 
those who have bothered to read my posts thoroughly.

A. Alper ATICI

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