Translation problems; possible solution

A. Alper ATICI alper.atici at
Thu Oct 23 15:54:14 CDT 2003

On Thu, Oct 23, 2003 at 01:01:50PM +0200, Martin Preuss wrote:

> That doesn't have anything to do with decoration ;-)
> It is just easier to just move a char* pointer forward as compared to 
> replacing the string by something else (which would also imply a quite 
> complicated string management).


> it is very unpleasant for people whose locales are not working for any of the 
> following reason (feel free to add items):
> - - no gettext installed
> - - users locale not set up

Oh, please, will somebody read my posts thoroughly ever ?? 

My point is totally off once gettext is out of the picture, I already 
know it, that's why my initial statement in my very first post was to 
eliminate fallback to "C" locale... How can I emphasize that anymore? 

And yes, once everything is gettext, it's just a matter of name 
decoration, do you deal with moving pointers when you call gettext?

> - - users locale not supported (i.e. po file missing)

A proxy PO file identical to en_US.po can be provided for that purpose, 
or fallback to en_US.po can be imposed. Please note that, there's no 
translation burden in these approaches, so programmer can handle it.

> With your approach the user would see something like "new at 001".
> Hmm, doesn't look too good to me ;-)

No, it's not good, and you'll see why that never happens once you get my 

But, since it's already been stated that imposing gettext and 
eliminating "C" locale is not an option, there's no point in discussing 
this anymore.

best regards,
A. Alper ATICI

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