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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Thu Oct 30 10:31:23 CST 2003


This is appropriate for the -devel list, not for me personally...

Michael Hall <ninti at ninti.com> writes:

> Derek:
> I have downloaded the source for GnuCash 1.8.7 and poked around in the code.
> I have located accounts/C/acctchrt_business.gnucash-xea, editing this looks
> simple enough.

Like I said, "no sweat". :)

Something to make it easier:  You can run File -> New File to load up
the template you wish to modify, then modify the accounts in gnucash
to get it to look how you want, then File -> Export Accounts to generate
a new Account Tree...    A small hand-tweak of the XML file and viola, you've
got a new .gnucash-xea template. :)

> I'm wondering how to go about localisation for Australia. GnuCash obviously
> knows about locale, from the system I guess, because it defaults to $AUD. Would
> a new directory ultimately be required under accounts for Australia?

Well, what LANG do you usually run in?  I think it's something like
en_AU, right?  Yes, you would need a new directory by that name and
you should put your localized files into that directory.

The only thing to note is that currently the hierarchy druid does not
merge the locale-specific and the "C" directories together.  This
means that if a locale-specific directory exists it will completely
override the contents of C.  So if you ONLY put the
acctchrt_business.gnucash-xea into your locale directory, you wont get
any of the other hierarchies.

I'm hoping this will be corrected in a future release, but it's
something to think about for now.

> Also, intl/localename.c has various SUBLANG_ENGLISH_* entries but no
> SUBLANG_ENGLISH_AUSTRALIA. Would it be necessary to add something here, or does
> the system handle this?

You shouldn't need to touch intl/localename -- indeed, this isn't our code!
The intl subdirectory comes from intltoolize.

> Mick


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