[docs] Credit card chapter updates

Jon Lapham lapham at extracta.com.br
Mon Sep 1 23:49:20 CDT 2003

David Kågedal wrote:
> Jon Lapham <lapham at extracta.com.br> writes:
>>I updated the credit card chapter ... [snip]
> I wouldn't write the first sentence like this:
>     Since you probably write a check or make an electronic payment to
>     the credit card company each month [...]
> But that's probably because most people here in don't use credit
> cards.  Using cards that withdraw money directly from your account is
> much more common.

Great!  Then all the people that live there can skip the chapter 
entitled "Credit Cards".  Maybe you could write a chapter entitled 
"Debit Cards"?

 > Don't assume to much about your user, just tell her how it works.

Uh, okay.

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