Jon Lapham lapham at extracta.com.br
Thu Sep 4 12:10:40 CDT 2003

I've found [1] another [2] bug related to UTF language settings (ie: 
$LANG=XXX.UTF-8).  As you may have noticed, most of the recent 
distribution releases are by default using UTF language settings, so 
this is a problem that will haunt us and continue to haunt us more in 
the future.

So, what I was thinking, is that we should look for ".UTF-8" in the LANG 
variable in the initial script bin/gnucash, and if found, strip it off.

Is my solution terrible and ugly?

Is there a better solution?
Probably.  I'm all ears.

Is this the best solution?
No, the best solution is apparently to wait for the gnome2 port, which 
may be a while before it is available to the masses in their favorite 
distros.  We need a solution now.


[1] Run "LANG=en_US.UTF-8 gnucash" on the command line, create some 
accounts with accented characters and open a register window.  Watch the 
error messages fly!  Opening this register window takes ~5x longer 
because of these error messages when you have many accounts.  This works 
with any .UTF-8 language, not just en_US.

[2] UTF-8 GnuCash bugs:
...and possibly...

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