Commitment to gnome2 port

Jon Lapham lapham at
Thu Sep 4 17:10:12 CDT 2003

David Hampton wrote:
> On Thu, 2003-09-04 at 11:47, Bill Nottingham wrote:
>>Well, gnome-2.4 will be out by the time the port is ready, but that
>>should be API compatible.
> We're already using the GtkMenuMerge code that is just about to (has
> been) committed to gtk cvs.  I've got a couple of bug fixes that I need
> to port from the egg version to Matthias' version and send upstream. 
> We're also using the eggtreemodelfilter.  Again, I've got a couple of
> bug fixes to pass upstream.

Isn't the target build platform RH9?

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