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Reinke Bonte reinke.bonte at web.de
Fri Sep 5 20:03:20 CDT 2003

This patch would cause me a lot of trouble. As I said in an
earlier post, I depend on UTF-8 and GNUcash does it quite well with it,
when you follow the instructions that I gave in an earlier posting.

Because the unconform way the xml backend stores non ascii characters,
this patch could cause problems for people who have started working with

For example, my locale is ja_JP.UTF-8. If I start GNUcash the way you
suggest, I would start it

export LANG=ja_JP; gnucash

... This prints thousands of error messages on the screen before it
finally dies.

Try my workarounds for the UTF-8 problems, I think they are a bit more


On Thu, 04 Sep 2003 14:17:31 -0300
Jon Lapham <lapham at extracta.com.br> wrote:

> Here is my "until we have the gnome2 port" solution to the UTF-8
> problems.
> The attached file is a drop-in replacement for the bin/gnucash script.
> To test, simply copy the script I attached to your "--prefix"/bin/ 
> directory and run it.  This solves all my UTF-8 problems... how 'bout
> yours?
> Should work with OSes that use LANG or LANGUAGE to set the language. 
> If your OS uses some other mechanism, at least you aren't any worse
> off. Let me know how other OSes deal with langauge settings and I'll
> make the appropriate adjustments.
> Here is the actual bash code snippet I wrote (not the actual script),
> if bash masters out there want to comment:
> if [ $LANG ] && [ `echo $LANG | grep ".UTF-8"` ];
> then
>     NEWLANG=`echo $LANG | sed -e "s/.UTF-8$//"`;
>     if [ -n $SHOWTEXT ];
>     then
>        echo "Your LANG env var is set to $LANG.";
>        echo "GnuCash does not support UTF-8 encoding well.";
>        echo "Changing your LANG var to $NEWLANG";
>     fi
>     export LANG;
> elif [ $LANGUAGE ] && [ `echo $LANGUAGE | grep ".UTF-8"` ];
> then
>     NEWLANG=`echo $LANGUAGE | sed -e "s/.UTF-8$//"`;
>     if [ $SHOWTEXT == 1 ];
>     then
>        echo "Your LANGUAGE env var is set to $LANGUAGE.";
>        echo "GnuCash does not support UTF-8 encoding well.";
>        echo "Changing your LANGUAGE var to $NEWLANG";
>     fi
>     export LANGUAGE;
> fi
> -- 
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