budgeting -gnome2 or devel

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sun Sep 7 14:22:30 CDT 2003

I would recommend gnome2.


Darin Willits <darin at blueyonder.co.uk> writes:

> Hi all,
> Well, I have had some success over the past few days tinkering around in
> the gnucash but I have a couple questions before I proceed too far.  
> So far, I have been able to figure out how to create new structures, add
> them to the currently open book, and link them up to the GUI.  My budget
> struct at this point doesn't consist of much more than an name and
> description so don't get too excited. ;-)  I have basically been
> familiarising myself with the workings of the existing code.
> My main question is about the front end and where I should be developing
> it, in the gnome2 branch or HEAD?  Here are my thoughts on the pro's and
> con's of each:
> Developing on gnome2 branch:
> Pros:
> - going forward it seems like this is the best place to be.  Doing the
> work here initially would seem to be more consistent with the overall
> direction of the project.
> - access to the GtkTreeView which has in-place editing support which
> would be a must have for the budget workbench.
> - everything looks nicer! ;-)
> - I might be "forced" to help fix some outstanding gnome2 issues.  
> Cons:
> - current code base is unstable, and incomplete.  Not a huge deal as
> this will be a new component, but as I start wanting to test more than
> the most basic functionality I will need access to the rest of the app.
> - might take longer to get the budgeting out to the public.
> Developing on HEAD:
> Pros:
> - This is where I have been working so far so it might be easier/faster
> to get something in place.
> - more people to test and suggest refinements to the design.  
> Cons:
> - Will have to port over GUI code at some point anyway.  I hate doing
> things twice!
> - Have to find a suitable widget to do the workbench with.  I am looking
> at GtkSheet (http://gtkextra.sourceforge.net/) right now, but I don't
> know how hard it would be to port this to gnome2 or even if you would
> want to.
> I am kinda leaning towards the gnome2 option but I am open to
> suggestions. 
> Any thoughts?
> Cheers,
> Darin
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